University of New Mexico Says Abortionists Are “Heroes”

Reversing Roe
Brenna Lewis - 10 Jun 2020

The University of New Mexico runs a “Center for Reproductive Health”, which commits late-term abortions, through at least the first six months of pregnancy.  This means that a taxpayer-funded university runs an abortion facility. But even worse, that same university has now declared that those abortionists are “heroes”, as the campus abortion facility now has a “Heroes Work Here” banner.

Those banners have become popular during the coronavirus, as legitimate health care facilities have been putting them up as a thank you to their health care workers. Unfortunately, abortion facilities have also started using them.

Bud Shaver, a pro-life organizer in New Mexico, who runs Abortion-Free NM, wrote on Facebook recently, “I just left a respectful message. I encourage every concerned taxpayer to do the same 🇺🇸

Heroes don’t work at abortion clinics.”

Christina Coffman, the Rocky Mountains Regional Coordinator, a region that includes New Mexico, stated, “Taxpayers have been subsidizing an abortion facility for far too long. The Center for Reproductive Health is nothing more than a late-term abortion facility. People who commit abortions are not heroes. We hope that the university removes the banner and we pray that the abortion facility workers leave their jobs and recognize the serious contradiction inherent in nurses and doctors committing abortions.”

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