Pro-Abortion “Watchdog” Group Attacks Abortion Pill Reversal

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Brenna Lewis - 10 Jun 2020


The radically left, pro-abortion “watchdog” group Campaign for Accountability has set its sights on Abortion Pill Reversal, attempting to bully the FDA into shutting down any websites that promote the process. This most recent attack on pro-life efforts has all of the trademark qualities of pro-abortion activism: citing junk abortion studies, attempting to remove one of women’s choices (including knowledge of other choices), and bullying authorities to try to get them to squelch free speech.

What is Chemical Abortion?

Chemical abortion goes by many names: medical abortion, toilet bowl abortion, RU-486, the Abortion Pill, “self-managed” abortion, etc. It is a method that the abortion industry as a whole is racing to embrace. This is for several reasons; it reduces liability for the abortionist (since they sell the pills and send women on their way), reduces cost for the abortionist, and takes away the “stigma” that arises when people realize what later-term abortions really entail (i.e. dismemberment, fetal pain, injections to the fetal heart, etc).

RU-486 abortions are committed only in the first trimester with a combination of 2 drugs. The first is mifepristone, which is meant to kill the baby by blocking progesterone from reaching him/her. The second is misoprostol (or Cytotec), which stimulates intense artificial labor that empties the uterus of the placenta, umbilical cord, and baby. Women are instructed, after taking the second pill, to sit on a toilet, just keep flushing, and don’t look.

Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino explains how chemical abortion works:

Further information can be found here. 

What is Abortion Pill Reversal?

As you just read, chemical abortion is a two-pill process. A doctor in California, Dr. George Delgado, realized about a decade ago that there was something he could do to help mothers who had taken only the first abortion pill and regretted their decision. The first pill of RU-486 blocks progesterone; simply put, abortion pill reversal is the administration of extra progesterone in order to counteract it. Read more here.

These are women who want to change their minds. Who want to know all of their options. But abortion proponents want them so badly to abort, they’ll do anything to make this knowledge inaccessible – keeping women in the dark.

Abortion Pill Reversal has saved hundreds of babies. In fact, it saved an SFLA baby this year. And yet, the abortion industry continues to insist that this process is somehow imaginary, faulty, unsound, and even unproven. If they truly believe it’s a hoax… why are they putting so much effort into silencing us? You can read AAPLOG’s Position Statement on Abortion Pill Reversal here.

So What’s Up With “Campaign for Accountability?”

This group spends their time and money on harassing pro-life supportive groups like Heartbeat International (which gives families diapers, formula, clothing, parenting classes, free ultrasounds, and more). On the Campaign’s website, under the ‘Reproductive Rights’ tab, it notes: The Themis Project, an initiative of Campaign for Accountability, uses research, litigation, and aggressive communications to hold the anti-choice movement accountable.

So they “aggressively communicated” to the FDA via a letter asking them to shut down pro-life sites about abortion pill reversal. It’s the usual load of garbage (though, admittedly, it remains fascinating how many times they insist that the process is unproven, despite the people who physically exist because of it). The pro-choice effort to denounce pregnancy help centers is among their most sinister.

Chemical abortion is dangerous. It has hospitalized thousands of women. It poisons our water, gives abusive men more avenues to harm women, and kills the most vulnerable members of our society. Fighting Abortion Pill Reversal is wrong.


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