Abortion Vendors Want to Show Mothers Their Aborted Babies to ‘Prove Pro-Lifers Wrong’

Brenna Lewis - 14 May 2020


There is never a dull moment in the world of abortion news. Amidst the constant debate about whether or not to employ graphic images (or even just photos of living babies in the womb), the abortion industry has proposed something shocking and unexpected – they’re in favor of bringing mothers back to the “Products of Conception” room after their abortions to display the baby that was just killed.

Millennials are more pro-life than the generation before, which is something that could be attributed to any number of factors… but the fact that we have access to such pristine visuals of life in the womb is significant. We know what growing babies look like, we know how abortions are done, and we’ve seen the images of broken bodies after abortion. The abortion industry knows this spells trouble for them.

So yes, they’re going to continue to dehumanize the preborn using any means possible. But some researchers and facilities are actually leaning into what is ultimately a losing issue for them.

Life Issues reported:

“It’s time, they say, to confront the baby in the womb head-on. They call it patient-centered tissue viewing (PCV).

An article published March 19, 2020 in Sexual and Reproductive Heath Matters advocates letting women see the baby they have just aborted. The research article titled, The option to look: patient-centered pregnancy tissue viewing at independent abortion clinics in the United States, interviewed staff at 22 independent abortion facilities to determine whether or not they provide this option to women.

73% of the abortion facilities responding to the survey indicated they provide PCV, 23% did not. Of those that offer PCV, 75% do so upon request of the woman.”

Why “Patient-Centered Tissue Viewing” Is Insane

  1. It appears that this concept was created to combat the “medically-inaccurate” images used by pro-life advocates of gestating babies and abortion victims. The fact that abortion vendors claim that ultrasound photos, professionally produced pictures of babies in the womb, and photos of abortion victims taken by facility workers are “photo shopped” or somehow inaccurate portrayals of preborn life is the beginning of the insanity. The premise that, in 2020, we don’t have the technology to understand and capture the progression of pregnancy is patently false.
  2. Showing a mother the mangled remains of her child who was just killed by an abortionist doesn’t “disprove” photos of normal human development. If a human adult was sucked through a tiny tube with a force ten times stronger than a vacuum cleaner, they wouldn’t much resemble what they started as, either.
  3. Abortion is a business that requires deception, secrecy, and corruption to survive. If every single person in America understood fetal development, knew all the abortion procedures and how they work, and had every dirty secret and scandal on the abortion industry’s record revealed to them – abortion would be gone overnight. The fact that facilities are willingly opening the door to the absolute ugliest part of their business says a lot about their desperation.
  4. The study in question was written by abortion activists/former Planned Parenthood employees. degrades the pro-life movement, claims that Planned Parenthood didn’t sell fetal body parts (something they admitted to doing), and more. So those seeking neutral sources for academic citations should skip it, but for everyone else – it’s a great look at what’s next in the grisly world of abortion.

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