Planned Parenthood Targets Teenagers with Sex Ed Bot

Brenna Lewis - 04 May 2020

We aren’t surprised every time we see the media write a glowing puff piece about Planned Parenthood. But what we read in Fast Company this week– not where we’d typically expect to read about the abortion Goliath – really got our attention.

The article explained how Planned Parenthood is creatively targeting teenagers online how Planned Parenthood was receiving one of the website’s “World Changing Ideas” awards. In fact, Planned Parenthood is claiming they’ve had a 1,300% increase in people asking questions to their artificial intelligence (AI) “sex ed” chat bot over the past couple months.

This chat bot, which they’ve named “Roo,” uses a computer algorithm to field any and all questions about topics ranging from sexual anatomy to abortion, contraception, and even “gender identity.” We can only imagine how programmers (bought-and-paid-for by Planned Parenthood) designed “Roo” to answer…

With schools closed and more young people online than ever before, the internet is the new battleground over abortion. When Planned Parenthood initially rolled out “Roo,” they received about 25,000 “conversations” in the first week alone.

Then, they hired a highly-paid New York City consulting firm to produce and promote a series of YouTube videos directly targeting high school students. They’ve deemed it an “influencer-led” campaign. One young girl has a YouTube channel with over 11 million followers! Her videos regularly get over one million views. And the fact that she’s been drafted by Planned Parenthood to promote a gross sex bot is not good news.

The “Roo High School” video series is not your typical “sex ed” class. After all, would you really expect Planned Parenthood (who makes their millions off of pushing promiscuity) to promote healthy behaviors? It goes into graphic detail about everything including masturbation, puberty, periods, and more. One episode is dedicated to “gender identity and sexual orientation.” Another gives dating tips.

Another video teaches children how to talk to their parents about sex. And this is from a business that has been caught red-handed coaching young girls how to get around parental consent laws AND covering up the statutory rape of minors and sex trafficking victims.

In the five months after releasing this video series, Planned Parenthood claims “Roo” received almost one million questions. This is why it’s so important for the Pro-Life Generation to be fighting back on the same turf Planned Parenthood is playing on: online.

Students for Life launched our own website that answers questions about abortion called “Ask a Pro-Lifer.” Unlike Planned Parenthood’s artificial bot, “Ask a Pro-Lifer” is run by real members of our team who offer honest, educated, and non-judgmental responses to absolutely any question someone could ask about abortion.

At the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, SFLA announced a campaign to have 250,000 real-life conversations with abortion supporters. And we’re almost there, using only the power of the Pro-Life Generation who are passionate and motivated to change minds about the greatest human rights injustice of our time.

And we didn’t even hire a New York firm to brainwash teenagers. 

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