Medical Doctor Confirms: Parental Consent Laws Reduce Sex Trafficking

Reversing Roe
Brenna Lewis - 29 Apr 2020

A medical doctor has come out in favor of parental consent laws, laws that require the involvement of parents when their underage daughter is pregnant and is seeking an abortion. The abortion industry regularly fights parental consent laws.

Dr. Grazie Christie writes in Daily Signal, “from an ethical standpoint, children are deemed unable to consent to medical treatment since they may be unable to grasp complicated medical facts because of their age and inexperience.

Yet, the abortion lobby insists that minor girls should be allowed to access abortion without any parental oversight because such oversight could be a ‘threat to young women’s safety.’But protecting girls from abusive or neglectful parents can be done with judicial waivers (included in the Florida bill) and without stripping good parents of their ability to protect their daughters from abusive boyfriends or older men who may be raping them and then coercing them to abort. ”

Students for Life Action has been active in Florida in pushing for the parental consent law in Florida.

We wrote, “While the abortion industry does not want parents to be involved in their teenage daughter’s decision-making involving their unplanned pregnancies, pro-lifers know that family involvement is important for ensuring both the preborn baby and the mother are protected. That’s why Students for Life in Florida has been working hard in the state to ensure that parental consent legislation is supported….Students for Life met with 16 different elected officials and united with 80 pro-lifers from other pro-life groups in the state to advocate for parental consent.”

A 2006 poll found that across the board, even among pro-choicers and across different age groups, about 70% of people support parental consent laws for abortion.

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