Planned Parenthood Posts Video of Teens in Bedrooms with Sex Toys

Stephanie Stone - 23 Apr 2020

Planned Parenthood has done it again, posting inappropriate content and luring minors into their overly sexualized curriculum 

On April 16th, Planned Parenthood of Maryland posted their first “Teen Talk” on Instagram, featuring minors demonstrating how to use condoms and dental dams, along with discussing other sexual topics. The “Teen Talk” series is meant to be a collection of “educational” videos by highschoolers for highschoolers on certain topics relating to reproductive health but it comes across as a truly disturbing and concerning sex talk for underage kids. 

I scrolled past the video labeled “STI’s Explained” and noticed the first frame of the video was a minor in a Planned Parenthood shirtAt first, I was going to just scroll past as I normally would, but something told me this was not just a video on STI’s. 

And sure enough, the video went into more graphic detail than expected. Not only were the underage students on camera and filmed in their own personal rooms, but they went on to use sexual props to demonstrate the use of condoms and dental dams for other underage minors and anyone who follows Planned Parenthood of Maryland (or even just the public) to see. 

This strange and shocking video is concerning for the safety of the students in it…and for any underage students who might be encouraged by it.  

This is just another example of Planned Parenthood’s ongoing agenda to force their overly sexual content onto minors in an effort to develop strange and unhealthy co-dependent relationship between the child and their organization. So, if that child grows up and is ever in a crisis pregnancy, Planned Parenthood can swoop in and offer abortion. 

Former Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson explains this cyclical plan used by Planned Parenthood in a video interview with Students for Life in which she states,

Their sex ed program begins in kindergarten…the reason they are there is because they want to develop a relationship with your child from a very, very early age. And they’re going to develop that relationship over the years…Once your child is 11, 12, 13 years old, [Planned Parenthood’s] hope is to have them on some sort of birth control method….Planned Parenthood knows that 54% of women who have abortions were using contraception at the time they got pregnant. They know the answer is not birth control; they know the answer is self-control, but self-control doesn’t make them any money…they make fun of the kids who are planning to choose abstinence. Their hope is that by the time your child is 16 years old, she will have already had an abortion. 

So, it is clear. Planned Parenthood is at it again, this time posting videos of minors explaining sexual topicsjust one more way to endanger and encapsulate our nation’s young people. I, for one, reject this mentality and this harmful video. And I’m not alone. Maryland’s Students for Life groups and parents are sincerely concerned about the damage this kind of content could cause. 

Eastern Regional Director, Maryland resident, and mother of two, Michele Hendrickson expressed her concern with, “As a parent with my kids in Maryland public schools, I am terrified of Planned Parenthood’s access to our children.  Did parents consent that their minors be filmed in their bedrooms putting a condom on a plastic penis for the world to see?  Now those videos and screenshot images of these teenagers discussing sex are available to the masses online.  If Planned Parenthood was trying to teach us anything about “safety”, they missed the mark, as usual.” 

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