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Students for Life Trained Over 200 Pro-Life Student Leaders In Just One Week

Michele Hendrickson - 20 Apr 2020

Sometimes we miss the meaning behind a number.  Last week, our Regional Coordinators called to check in with as many campus student leaders as we could, making hundreds of calls and reaching over 200 student leaders in just 4 days.   

Let’s give that some meaning… 

Two hundred students across the country got to hear our voices.  Two hundred students heard encouragement during a dark time.  They heard how much we miss working with them on campus to change hearts and minds.  Most importantly, our students were reminded of just how important their mission is to keep the pro-life group on campus strong now more than ever.   

What the Pro-Life Generation had to share… 

  • “It was so great to hear from my Regional Coordinator…and to be given a space for fellowship during these uncertain times. Social distancing has been hard on everyone, but SFLA is helping us to stay connected to one another while also keeping up with our pro-life mission.” 
    – President of Towson Tigers for Life, Maryland
  • “Brown’s major event for the semester with Kristen Day was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID, but we’re moving forward with it in the fall semester and think it will actually work out even better this way. More time to plan and promote!”
     Student LeaderBrown University
  • A new student and advisor joined New England’s Rapid Response training last week. They are working on starting a Students for Life group at Arlington Catholic High School! 
  • “We are so grateful for Students for Life! Without SFLA our group would not be what it is today!”
    – Student Leader in Illinois
  • “We are thankful for the check in! We’re staying active, group members and family are calling elected officials to ask that abortion facilities comply and shut down.”
     Indiana Student Leader
  • “Having Virtual Trainings and check-in calls has been very helpful with growing my discussion skills and staying in touch during COVID19. We love SFLA!”
    – President of Students for Life at Liberty University, Virginia
  • “Grateful for the phone call and excited to keep students involved. Love the online trainings! ”
    – High School Advisor, Pennsylvania
  • “We are using the quarantine time to make Vote Pro-Life First calls!”
     Texas Student Leader 

Our Field Team is One-of-a-Kind

One thing that makes Students for Life so unique is the mentorship and individualized instruction of our Regional Coordinators.  Most people may not realize, but there are actually 19 different “regions” we divided out across the country, each one led by an amazing Regional Coordinator on staff. 

These Regional Coordinators do it ALL, from holding rallies and lobby days, to fostering dialogue on campus, and providing educational trainings for dozens of groups across their state.  Each state’s Regional Coordinator keeps the Pro-Life Gen equipped and active! If you’re a pro-life student (or know one) and you are not already connected with your Regional Coordinator, find them here and reach out: 

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