We Watched the New Documentary About Aborted Baby Hoarder Ulrich Klopfer…

Hayley Tschetter - 16 Apr 2020

Abortion never fails to serve the money-driven purposes of abusers who continually take advantage of women and girls to line their pockets. Or maybe to even fulfill bloodthirsty tendencies? A new documentary titled Inwood Drive was recently released on Vimeo, created by filmmakers Mark and Amber Archer. Inwood Drive tells the horrific story of abortionist Ulrich “George”  Klopfer. 

Klopfer, who passed away in September of 2019, made headlines as over 2,000 fetal remains were discovered in his basement and his vehicle after his death. The Archers had finished the film in July of 2019 prior to Klopfer’s death, but reproduced it after the remains were discovered. This discovery occurred after the suspension of Klopfer’s medical license in 2016 due to mishandling of abortion cases for minors. 

A bloody wake of destruction followed abortionist Ulrich Klopfer. He committed abortions in both Illinois and Indiana during his licensure. According to Mark and Amber Archer, things got bad when he opened a facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Patients with complications from Klopfer’s abortions were repeatedly ending up in the emergency room and that is where one emergency room doctor became increasingly concerned. 

Dr. Geoffrey Cly, a Fort Wayne OB-GYN, teamed up with some pro-life advocates at Indiana Right to Life to try to implement some safety legislation to protect the women that he was seeing coming into the emergency room due to Klopfer’s failure to provide safe care. One such patient that Dr. Cly shared about in the documentary ended up needing to have a hysterectomy because of the abortion done by Klopfer. 

Another major oversight that Klopfer committed was not reporting the abortions he was committing on minors, the documentary shares. He was also failing to report the sexual abuse of minors to the proper authorities as was required by Indiana state law. These discoveries, made by local Fort Wayne pro-life advocates, ultimately led to the suspension of Dr. Klopfer’s medical license.

This film also features a shocking interview with Ulrich Klopfer himself. This interview further exposes the abortionist’s gross callousness when it came to his patients and the lives he was taking day in and day out. 

Inwood Drive seeks to point out that Klopfer, much like abortionists Kermit Gosnell and Michael Roth, is not an outlier. This type of apathetic regard for human life is not uncommon among abortionists. Maybe this film can be a battle cry, the beginning of the end of these horrific practices that have been brought to light once again.

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