New Students for Life Group Starts Amid Instagram Hate

Brenna Lewis - 15 Apr 2020

The coronavirus isn’t stopping new Students for Life groups from getting started or the Pro-Life Generation from changing minds! Fairmont Students for Life is a new group at Kettering Fairmont High School in Kettering, Ohio. Despite the pandemic, their group members are getting active and joining SFLA for online weekly trainings.

Want to join these trainings? Sign  up here!

The group launched their Instagram page on April 7th and immediately the post was shared within pro-abortion circles and hundreds of comments were made. Some of the comments were absolutely evil:

However, this was also an opportunity to have some great conversations. And don’t worry… these new leaders know that seeking justice is more important than facing controversy and will not be backing down!

I was able to support the students and made some progress in changing a student at their school’s mind in the comments. As we pivot from campuses to computers, we can reach people online and share truth! The T.A.L.K. Campaign is Students for Life’s goal of having over 250,000 conversations this year and we need to be innovative to reach this goal even while social distancing.

In an uncertain time dealing with the coronavirus, so many people are lacking hope. What an amazing time to share the pro-life message and tell people that their life and everyone’s life matters! As you can see, I was able to get someone who initially said they were always pro-choice to see flaws in their arguments and to make some progress and plant some seeds to change their heart for life:

I also was able to refer several students to This is an incredible website staffed by our Students for Life team throughout the day. It’s a place pro-lifers can go for help with questions they aren’t sure how to answer (plus, feel free to reach out to SFLA for training) or for pro-choice people who have genuine questions about this issue and need a safe space to ask them.

I’m so thankful the Pro-Life Generation is growing stronger and continuing to reach people who need to hear the pro-life message!

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