New Show About Phyllis Schlafly Is Really Just About Promoting Abortion

Brenna Lewis - 15 Apr 2020


“Anyone confused about whether the ERA is really the Everything Related to Abortion Act needs to watch Mrs. America,” said SFLA’s Kristan Hawkins. “In the three released episodes, abortion is the real star of the show, as feminists will make any deal and crush any opposition to their agenda.”

WASHINGTON D.C. (04-15-2020) – Following the release of the first three episodes of Fx on Hulu’s Mrs. America, a Mad Men styled Hollywood time capsule following conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly and feminists leaders tug of war over passage of the ERA, Students for Life of America Kristan Hawkins observed, “While this show doesn’t do justice to the powerhouse who was Phyllis Schlafly, it unmasks a fact pro-life activists know well. The ERA was always the Everything Related to Abortion Act. The scheming, manipulation and politicking to push abortion is central to the story and to the stated agenda of the feminist leaders portrayed.

“Over the last few years, as abortion advocates again pushed for passage of the ERA, Students for Life blocked those efforts because it would create a Trojan Horse for abortion in the U.S. Constitution. While many legislators mocked that concern, ironically Mrs. America confirms the fact that the intent to create a flexible legal hook for abortion in the law. In fact, the infighting among the feminists in the program could only be managed because of their shared goals for abortion.”

For the Missing Links in the Show:

The show leaves out two important things: A Pro-life perspective and the Point of view of women who actually knew Phyllis Schlafly. To learn more, tune into a Facebook live discussion today.

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to hear from Anne Schlafly Cori, Eagle Forum President and Daughter of Phyllis Schlafly; Colleen Holcomb, former Executive Director Eagle Forum; and Kristan Hawkins, grassroots activist and President of Students for Life of America 

“Hollywood and the liberal elites are still so afraid of the powerful message from a strong and fearless mother that they have made up characters, scenes, and dialogue to distort and rewrite history,” said Anne Schlafly Cori. For a factual account, visit:

Holcomb observed: “Cultural elites are still fuming that Phyllis Schlafly was able to do more with a typewriter, a bullhorn and an army of housewives than they were able to do with all of their intelligence, political and star power.  Phyllis was a populist pamphleteer before Trump and Twitter.  Schlafly is the woman feminists love to hate, because she was the ultimate fulfilled, happy and effective woman, and she credited her success to her marriage, faith and family, not the feminist movement or the federal government.”

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For media interviews, e-mail Kristi at [email protected]


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