Pro-Life Students Use Digital Engagement Platform To Save A Baby From Abortion!

Brenna Lewis - 08 Apr 2020

This week, the Students for Life team learned about another baby save that was cultivated through participation in our National TALK Campaign. Pro-life students across the nation have dedicated themselves to talking more about abortion in an effort to help their peers – especially their pro-abortion or undecided peers – understand the truth about abortion.  

A student from Western Washington University reported that she has had numerous conversations through social media (social distancing is important, people!) simply by being vocal and open about her stance on abortion. Despite a few of her friends and family members verbally attacking her stance, she has persisted and continues to share her stance and have these tough, mind-changing conversations.  

Her persistence has proven that being open about your stance on abortion can literally save lives. After seeing her many posts, an old friend of hers reached out to get advice about being pregnant. The pro-life student told us, “Her friends were all encouraging her to have an abortion, but because of my openness, she came to me. This is why it’s worth it to be fearless, because it SAVES LIVES!” They were able to talk about her situation and her options. After being given the life-affirming support she actually needed, this young woman chose life! 

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