Baby Saved from Late-Term Abortion!

Brenna Lewis - 07 Apr 2020


Pregnancy isn’t always a dream for some women, especially when they do not have the support of the people closest to them. That was the case for a mother who was helped by a Students for Life leader this week. She endured 90% of her pregnancy without the support of her family, THEN found herself in the hospital with complications in the third trimester. Furthering the complexity of the situation, she also found out the baby would likely have Down Syndrome.  

In the state that she lives, abortion is legal through all nine months of pregnancy and for any reason. So with complications and no support, terminating this child at 36 weeks was an option she began to consider


Fortunately, even when mothers feel alone, there is always somebody who is willing to listen and help. A friend of this woman learned about her situation and genuinely felt its weight. Even heavier was the weight of an abortion at 36 weeks. This friend reached out to an SFLA student, Anthony, for help and advice.

With the help of SFLA, Anthony was able to give this mother positive resources about children with Down Syndrome. He was able to offer his friend advice on how to approach the delicate situation, and because he reached out to SFLA for help, he was even able to find an adoptive family who was ready and willing to adopt the child. 

Within days of reaching out to Anthony and SFLA, this brave mother chose life! Not only that, but the person from whom she most craved support ultimately decided to embrace the child and even named her.  

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