Join Our Weekly Facebook LIVES with Special Guests

Brenna Lewis - 25 Mar 2020

For the next 5 weeks, SFLA will be hosting Facebook Live Trainings every Thursday night with some of the top pro-life leaders and experts from across the nation.  You will not want to miss one of these trainings and the opportunity to ask questions while interacting with these experts LIVE on Facebook!  

To be alerted to one of our live trainings, simply follow Students for Life on Facebook here and then turn your notifications on to get the notification when we go live.

Over the next five weeks, you can expect to hear from national pro-life leaders like…

  • Unplanned’s Abby Johnson (Thursday, March 26th @ 8pm EST)
  • Pro-life apologist Jay Watts (Thursday, April 2nd @ 8pm EST)
  • The Tipping Point’s Liz Wheeler (Thursday, April 9th @ 8pm EST)
  • Former abortionist Dr. John Bruchalski (Thursday, April 13th @ 8pm EST)
  • To be announced! (Thursday, April 23rd @ 8pm EST)

This is part of our  multi-faceted effort to provide digital ways for pro-life advocates to stay engaged, active, and making a difference for Life. Check out our seven ways to stay active during the coronavirus quarantine HERE.

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