Pro-Life Students Deliver Over 800 Petition Signatures Opposing Abortionist Appreciation Day

Brenna Lewis - 17 Mar 2020

Recently, the St. Paul City Council passed a resolution embracing abortionists and celebrating “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.” The resolution passed 7-0, with no debate.

But the pro-life generation wasn’t going to let them get away with it without a response. Quickly, Students for Life organized a petition against the day, as did several other pro-life groups.

On March 11th, Students for Life leaders from area colleges as well as Students for Life staff attended the St. Paul City Council and delivered over 800 petition signatures opposing the resolution that embraced abortionists.

The petition stated:

“As citizens of Minnesota, we find it disgusting that the city of St. Paul is honoring abortionists on March 10th.
Every year, abortionists take vulnerable women’s money, abort their babies, and leave them harmed and hurt. These are not the types of people we should be honoring!
Minnesota and the city of St. Paul are better than this; we should stand for the human dignity of all people and against violence. Yet, every day, abortionists and the abortion industry commit acts of violence against preborn babies, moms, and families.
The undersigned firmly and unequivocally reject the disgusting show of support for abortionists and we URGE the city of St. Paul to reconsider and reverse their decision to honor abortionists.”
Tori Petersen, the Northern Regional Coordinator for Students for Life, also wrote an op-ed strongly criticizing the decision.
“While Minnesotan council members are celebrating abortionists putting women and children’s lives at risks, pro-life constituents stand and protest for the protection of women and children.”
You can read the full op-ed here.
Covering the city council meeting, also wrote,
The 7-0 vote outraged pro-life advocates, including Archbishop Bernard Hebda, and one group took action. Seven members of Students for Life of America visited with two of the resolution’s four sponsors March 11, right before the start of the council’s weekly meeting.Five students and two staffers from SFLA, a national, Virginia-based college pro-life organization, presented a petition opposing the resolution with 804 signatures, then had a 30-minute conversation with council members Nelsie Yang, who joined the council in January, and Jane Prince. Members of both sides politely made their points, complete with personal anecdotes. St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter did not sign the resolution. He could not be reached for comment.”

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