Students for Life Launches Men’s Fellowship To Engage Men in the Fight to Protect Mothers and Preborn babies

Brenna Lewis - 12 Mar 2020

For too long, pro-choicers have been trying to silence pro-life men who also have a stake in the struggle to protect the next generation. No human rights issue has ever been solved by excluding 50% of the population, and abortion is no different. We are excited to offer this great opportunity for training,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America.


Students for Life of America announced today the first set of Invictus Fellows for Students for Life of America, a fellowship created by Students for Life specifically to train pro-life men to speak up for mothers and children — born and preborn.

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America stated, “This program is specifically designed to train male pro-life leaders so they’re never afraid to stand up for the preborn against the culture of death that is trying to silence them. The pro-choice movement wants to silence men, while we want to empower men to stand for the preborn and welcome them to the fight. Men naturally want to help others and stand up for the vulnerable and we want to help give them the tools and training they need to do so.”

Ryan Neuhaus, the Florida Regional Coordinator for Students for Life and the director of the Invictus Fellowship said, “This is a great opportunity for men to embrace the responsibility of being a pro-life leader as we grow closer to abolishing abortion. We have a great group of leaders who will go back to their communities and campuses equipped with the skills and knowledge on how to better support and protect women in need.”

There are 14 initial fellows that will spend this upcoming weekend in Jacksonville, Florida. While there, they will learn more about the pro-life movement, apologetics, and leadership. Throughout the upcoming year, they will be mentored by male pro-life leaders and work on a specific project that helps abolish abortion on their campus or their community.

You can learn more about the fellowship here.

Kristan Hawkins made a video with Young Americans for Freedom that explains the role of men in abolishing abortion. You can view that video here.

Students for Life currently offers a Stevens Fellowship for high school students, a Wilberforce Fellowship for college students, and a Christian Fellowship for students at Christian colleges.

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Students for Life of America is the nation’s largest pro-life student organization, with over 1,225 student groups on high school and college campuses across the country.

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