Indiana Students Mobilize To Support Pro-Family Policies

Brenna Lewis - 03 Mar 2020

Students for Life in Indiana recently joined with other pro-life groups, including Right To Life of Indianapolis and Susan B. Anthony List, for training and advocacy at the state capitol in Indianapolis. The students received public policy training and spoke to legislators about the importance of policies supporting paid family leave for women coping with a miscarriage. They also spoke out in favor of safe havens/baby boxes, where people can safely leave babies without any questions asked and know that they will be taken care of (generally fire departments, hospitals, and police departments.)

Lily Hutkowski, the Indiana/Ohio Regional Coordinator stated, “The pro-life generation is ready to make abortion both illegal and unthinkable. We know that this means supporting prohibitions on abortion but also advocating for pro-family policies that support moms, dads, children, and families as a whole.”

Kristan Hawkins recently wrote about the importance of planning for a post-Roe America for the Washington Examiner. She wrote, “In a post-Roe America, communities must rise to the challenge of protecting mother and child, and expanding the infrastructure needed to help them both prosper…The Family and Medical Leave Act must also be improved to support young families. Incentives must be added for companies that help their parenting employees with paid leave. Policies should also be expanded to ensure that vacation and sick days can be used for child-related reasons. Meanwhile, Congress can make the Per Child Tax Credit reflect the cost of raising children. Tax deductions for child care can be enacted and should allow parents to make the child care choice best for them, not to be exclusively tied to government-run child care. Women must also be informed of their Title IX rights — something Students for Life of America’s Pregnant and Parenting Bill of Rights aims to do. The law protects pregnant and parenting students from losing housing, scholarships, program placement, and accommodation. Women and employers must also be educated on the Pregnancy Non-Discrimination Act so that women don’t face workplace harassment or prejudice.”

You can read the full op-ed here.

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