Western Washington University Vandals Destroy Pro-Life Chalkings

Brenna Lewis - 02 Mar 2020

Western Washington University is investigating vandalism after vandals destroyed chalkings by the conservative Young Americans for Freedom group on campus. The group had chalked numerous messages on campus, including pro-life messages such as, “Abortion is not healthcare.”

YAF’s website reports, “Conservative activists in the Western Washington Young Americans for Freedom chapter stayed up all night monitoring their chalking display until 8 a.m. to catch several leftist vandals destroying their chalking.”

Vandalism against pro-life views at Western Washington University is nothing new. After all, this is the same university where students set Kristan Hawkins’ speaking tour banner on fire.

At the time, Hawkins said, “We strongly condemn this act of violence and intimidation. We challenge anyone who disagrees with us to come hear the presentation on Thursday instead of resorting to cowardly acts of violence.”

Similarly, Karlie Lodjic, the then-student leader and now a regional coordinator for Students for Life, stated, “Threats and intimidation of violence should not be tolerated at a university that values free-speech. Hawkins’ speech is open to the public and everyone is invited to come and debate and share their beliefs during the Q and A. Yet, these vandals chose to take out their frustration at the mere presence of dissenting points of views by committing an act of arson.”

The police investigated that incident of vandalism as well.

In another incident, caught on video, students and staff teamed up to wash away pro-life chalkings at Western Washington University.

The university gave a sort-of apology for washing away the chalking. We reported at the time, “When asked about this, the university appears to apologize for washing away the chalkings, but could not provide guidance on who ordered them to be washed away. A university employee assures the students that only hate speech would be washed away, without defining it. She mentions as well that there might be a conversation with the group if any of the language was triggering.”

You can view a national map of vandalism against pro-life groups that Students for Life of America has been tracking  here.

You can read Kristan Hawkins’ Wall Street Journal op-ed on common violations of free-speech here.

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