Pro-Choice Student Talks to Students for Life Leader & Rethinks Everything

Sarah Michalak - 13 Feb 2020

Changing the culture for Life requires us to have heart and mind changing conversations on campus. Abortion is a controversial topic. It can be uncomfortable to bring up and sometimes that discomfort can make starting conversations difficult. BUT we always must remember the impact our conversations can have. One conversation can change someone’s life forever!

Abortion takes a human life and deeply affects those involved. By speaking the truth with compassion and love, we have the AMAZING opportunity to save lives! So don’t be afraid to approach anyone and everyone about abortion, even if that person is staunchly pro-choice.

Recently, a pro-life student leader at a school in Illinois had a profound conversation with a male student board member of the school’s pro-choice group (names and other details will be excluded for privacy).

The conversation started when the pro-life student went to the Student Life office to inquire about getting their group approved. The pro-choice student began the conversation by inviting her to come to the next Planned Parenthood event on campus! The pro-life student courageously expressed her pro-life views and was surprised by the receptivity of the pro-choice student. She stated,

“Then I broke the news to him. I told him I was strongly pro-life and very much against their group having Planned Parenthood come onto campus. He was so receptive and understanding – it was incredible! We spoke for more than an hour and a half. I can’t emphasize enough how receptive he was.”

She listed some of the highlights from their conversation:

  • He went from NOT believing that a child in the womb was a baby, to recognizing the human being in the womb!
  • He went from not knowing what the Born Alive Act was to opposing it.
  • He went from being pro-Planned Parenthood to accepting that they sell baby body parts and other horrible things.
  • He went from not knowing who Margret Sanger was, to knowing her eugenic past and her role in founding Planned Parenthood.
  • At the end, we agreed abortion is immoral, and he said, “After this conversation, I am starting to question my stance on abortion.”
  • He also invited me to their next group meeting and requested I come and tell the group about the information I presented to him in our conversation.
  • He agreed they should do research on who and what organization their speakers are from, and what they are built upon.

Her conclusion after the conversation was:

“It was honestly one of the best conversations I have ever had in my life. I could also tell that this conversation may make an impact on his position and life. We left the room still smiling, and he said he plans on doing a lot of thinking and studying on this topic. (I don’t believe this is the last time I will be talking to him).”

What an AWESOME story! You may never know the impact that your conversations have but stories like these should give you encouragement to continue to have them. Every person, no matter how strongly they are pro-choice, can change their mind for Life.

Here at SFLA, we want to help you have conversations for Life! To help, we offer our students FREE Pro-Life Apologetics Trainings and in-person practice with our tabletops and tours to equip you with the skills and knowledge to change hearts and minds. Contact your Regional Coordinator to schedule a training soon!  Email (your State) i.e. [email protected].

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