WILD: Mayor Pete Doubles Down On Support For Legalized Infanticide

Brenna Lewis - 07 Feb 2020

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who maybe won the Iowa Caucus, recently went on “The View”, where Meghan McCain, one of the few conservative voices on the show, grilled him about his stance on infanticide.


The response against Buttigieg’s view was swift.

National Review noted, “There are several key flaws in Buttigieg’s response. For one thing, he relies on a common tactic of abortion-rights defenders, which is to misstate the facts about late-term abortion. As I’ve written before on NRO, women in the U.S. do obtain abortions after 20 weeks for reasons other than, as Buttigieg puts it, having received “devastating news.” His implication is, of course, that abortions after viability only take place in emergencies, in cases where there is a severe health complication with either the baby or the mother (though he doesn’t quite come out and say this because it’s more rhetorically effective to hedge that claim).”

Fox News wrote, “Pro-life leaders responded en masse on Thursday after former South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg appeared to condone infanticide and late-term abortions during an appearance on “The View.”

Pro-life Twitter also quickly hit back at Buttigieg:

We’ve wondered before if the Democratic Party would make legalized infanticide part of its platform in 2020.

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