Countering Sex Week at Ohio State University

Brenna Lewis - 07 Feb 2020

Has your school ever put on a Sex Week? It’s important for you to be on the lookout because when a Sex Week is happening on campus, that usually means a strong push for abortion is also about to occur. How do we know? Just look at Ohio State’s promotional material below! It’s in these moments that your group needs to make sure you are getting a pro-life, pro-woman voice out there.

Countering Sex Week is Easier Than You Think

The first thing you should do is contact your SFLA Regional Coordinator. We can’t stress that enough. Don’t know who that is? Email [YourState] (i.e. [email protected]). Your Regional Coordinator will help you create a plan to evaluate the key places you should be and what type of event you should do.

Here’s what will happen: we’ll help you find the most abortion-focused days so you can provide a pro-life voice. We’ll help you evaluate the materials you have and the materials you need to make sure the best information is being given, based on the topics at hand. We’ll prep you to table outside of the event and prep you to attend the event and challenge speakers with good questions. SFLA is here to give you everything you need to help your peers rethink sex weeks and abortion.

Here’s an Example

On Monday, Ohio State’s Sex Week is hosting a talk about pregnancy on campus and your options. That doesn’t sound all too terrible… until you realize that they’re probably pushing abortion as the best option. We can help you evaluate the pregnancy resources on your campus, send you flyers like our Pregnant on Campus Bill of Rights, help you set up a “donation” box where people attending can drop off materials for expectant moms like diapers or wipes, and give you talking points and tips to make sure you’re prepared – all before the event even takes place.

On Wednesday, the Sex Week topic is all about Roe v. Wade. In this case, for example, your SFLA Regional Coordinator could bring a tabletop display that discusses what a Post-Roe America will actually look like and why this is a GOOD THING. Again, preparing your group with talking points, materials, and an extra body (your Regional Coordinator) to make sure you have everything you need!

The Simple Breakdown of What to Do

Step 1: Contact your Regional Coordinator (

Step 2: Evaluate the Sex Week topics and decide which are most crucial to counter with a pro-life voice (hint: you can counter an event per day).

Step 3: Talk with your Regional Coordinator about the materials you have and the materials you need to make sure you’re reaching as many students as possible.

Step 4: Assign students to participate in whatever countering event you decide on.

Step 5: Take pictures and video. Document all the things…especially the craziest of them all! You might even make an appearance on SFLA’s Instagram if you send it our way.

Step 6: Log your conversations about abortion with our TALK Challenge (our chattiest groups get prizes)!

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