BREAKING: Tik Tok Bans Live Action

Brenna Lewis - 31 Jan 2020

In a move likely to make radical pro-abortion politicians like Elizabeth Warren happy, social media company Tik Tok has moved to permanently ban the pro-life group Live Action from its platform.

Lila Rose tweeted:

This move echoes the censorship of Live Action by Pinterest. We noted at the time, “In response, Students for Life of America has been uploading Live Action content to Pinterest in a show of support. In a press release, Kristan Hawkins stated, “Live Action has been unfairly barred from Pinterest for supporting both women and their preborn infants. Even though at Students for Life we have not used our Pinterest in some time because it’s a dying forumwe are glad to support our allies in the pro-life movement in ensuring their message is shared. The irony is that Pinterest is supposed to be a way to highlight things that their users love, not forcing people to highlight Pinterest’s abortion viewpoint … or else.”

Students for Life stands against Big Tech censorship. Millions of pro-lifers across the country deserve to be able to view the content they want on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Pinterest.

Students for Life has been the target of discrimination too; Kristan Hawkins’ tweets, for example, have been labeled sensitive content. You can read more about that here. At the time, we said, “Despite repeated attempts to resolve this with Twitter, their problem solvers have made themselves largely unavailable, which should surprise no one who is watching how Big Tech has abused their influence in recent years.”

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