Pro-Infanticide Virginia Governor Likely To Sign Legislation That Enriches Abortion Industry

Brenna Lewis - 30 Jan 2020

The pro-infanticide, disgraced governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, is likely to sign recently passed legislation (after his disgraced lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax cast the tie-breaking vote) that would strip away important pro-life protections and help women make informed choices.

The bill, Senate Bill 733, does several things, including “remov[ing] Virginia’s requirement that only doctors may perform abortion in order to allow physicians assistants and nurse practitioners to perform abortions. The bill would also repeal the section of Virginia law requiring a woman seeking an abortion to receive the following information 24 hours before an abortion, ” according to National Review.

The legislation also removes the requirements to show an ultrasound. This bill enriches the abortion industry by stripping away important protections and ensuring that women have more time and information before making a consequential decision.

As you may remember, Governor Northam publicly stated his support for legalized infanticide, and then faced more embarrassment after revelations that he dressed up in racist costumes in college.

His lieutenant governor is under scrutiny for alleged sexual assault, but pro-abortion groups have been fine to take his support to legalize abortion even further.

Pro-abortion legislation is still pending and you can help stop it. Below are the key bills still pending and how to help:

Making your voice heard is not difficult but it can have a tremendous impact. 

First, look up your state delegate and state senator here. Since this legislation would affect all of us, you should also contact as many elected officials as you can.

Second, call the phone number of their district office and their Richmond office and tell them you are a Virginia resident and would like to oppose the legislation (summaries below) and that you always vote pro-life.

Third, please share the legislative summaries below on social media and with friends and family. Legislative staff, the people who answer the phones and read constituent letters, say that elected officials can be swayed by a public outcry for or against legislation. 

Here are the worst pieces of pro-abortion legislation:

S.J. 2 would amend the Virginia Constitution to say that everyone has a right to an abortion. Although the legislation has been delayed until next year, we must keep speaking out against it so it never comes up for a vote.  S.B. 635 is a similar bill and legislators should be urged to vote no.

There is good news though! We need your help supporting S.B. 501, our legislation to improve the foster care system in Virginia by speeding up the home study and background check process. Please ask your representatives to vote YES on S.B. 501 to ensure that parents that want to foster and adopt can be quickly approved in a safe manner. You can read about our statements of support here.

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