Facing Pressure From Pro-Lifers, Pro-Abortion Politician Abstains From Voting For Pro-Abortion Law

Brenna Lewis - 30 Jan 2020

We’ve been critical of Virginia delegate Joshua Cole before, particularly for his pro-abortion views and his association with abusive men like actor Alec Baldwin. But facing pressure from pro-lifers, Delegate Joshua Cole skipped a vote to allow non-doctors to commit abortions; although he is listed as being not present, he walked out of the delegate floor instead of going on record supporting the legislation.

In the 2019 elections, Students for Life Action tried to turn out pro-life voters to ensure Cole’s views were known; Cole narrowly defeated pro-life Paul Milde, and actually had a smaller margin of victory in Democratic-dominated Fredericksburg City.

Titus Folks, National Campaigns Advisor for Students for Life Action, commented, “Radical Democrats want to ram through an infanticide agenda, and they expect all Democrats to fall into place. But facing pressure from our pro-life voters in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County, Joshua Cole rightly decided to ‘sit this one out’ instead of letting Planned Parenthood tell him how to vote.”

Folks continued, “This shows the effect that public pressure has and why voting pro-life first can be helpful.”

Students for Life Action also mobilized over 25 people to make calls to their legislators to oppose HB 980.

You can read more about our lobby day as well at this link.

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