Could We Be Witnessing a Pro-Life Revolution?

Brenna Lewis - 29 Jan 2020
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Guest Post by Victoria Robinson, Save the Storks

I’ve been involved in the pro-life cause for over two decades.

For twenty years, I worked as the CEO/Executive Director of three separate pregnancy resource centers (PRC’s) in North Carolina and Tennessee. After a much-loved career, I felt called to make a change so as to reach a wider audience with the pro-life message. This decision brought me to Save the Storks, a pro-life organization that’s changing how we view and approach the abortion issue.

At Save the Storks, you won’t find us using condemnation, judgement, shame or guilt to engage in conversation over this sensitive issue. We believe hearts and minds will only change through civil conversations, education, love, and compassion.

Our organization’s founders set out to create a pro-life ministry that would revolutionize the pro-life movement. When they did, Save the Storks was born.

Save the Storks partners with local PRC’s across the country to help them go “mobile.” We assist in the fundraising process to enable pregnancy centers to build their own unique mobile medical units (MMU’s), which we fondly call, “Stork Buses.”

The local PRC operates the bus in their community and decide where to place it. The majority of buses are parked near college campuses and abortion facilities. Most buses provide free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. The services are free, confidential, and operated by the local PRC staff, who offer help and hope – never scare tactics, shame, or condemnation.

Since Save the Storks’ inception, over 8,000 babies have been saved and thousands of parents-to-be won’t have to live with the negative effects of abortion. The numbers speak for themselves – four out of five women who board a Stork Bus choose life for their babies. It’s hard to deny a heartbeat.

But even better, when these mothers choose life, they now have an ally in their local PRC to help with the resources they need, including; pregnancy clothing, counseling, parenting classes, financial planning, cribs, car seats, diapers, formula, and baby clothing.

Now more than ever, we’re seeing hearts and minds of all ages changed by the power of respectful conversation and education. I’m convinced that the next generation will be the one to usher in a pro-life society. Save the Storks truly believes as the pro-life community continues to work together, we will see abortion become unthinkable in our lifetime.

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