The 2020 National Pro-Life March is a Wrap! Watch the Entire Timelapse Video…

Brenna Lewis - 25 Jan 2020

The 2020 National Pro-Life March® in Washington D.C. is a wrap! Just so you can get an idea of how BIG the event is, we made sure to capture our traditional time lapse from a nearby rooftop:

This March is the largest annual social demonstration in the entire world. No other cause, in no other country, brings together such a massive group of people on a yearly basis. Every pro-life organization nationwide, despite our little differences in how we like to go about our mission, comes together for this one day – to protest Roe v. Wade and let our legislators know that abortion is not, and never will be, okay.

Some Noteworthy Numbers From the Day…

  • Based on this time lapse video, we estimate there were about 225,000 participants.
  • Students for Life passed out 15,000 “I Am the Pro-Life Generation” signs.
  • There were about 30 pro-abortion protestors in front of the Supreme Court.
  • 1 of those protestors threatened to kill a Students for Life student by ‘slitting her throat.’ She was subsequently arrested.
  •  It’s been 47 years since Roe v. Wade was handed down, but this year was the first March attended by a U.S. President (watch and share it here).
  • Students for Life built and carried 6 large banners that conveyed the mission of the Pro-Life Generation loud and clear.

Some Great Photos From the Day…

But stay tuned for PLENTY more! This is just a sneak peek.

If you joined us or participated at a local event in your community – thank you for standing for life today. Stay tuned for more great content, photos, and videos!

ALSO – don’t forget to check out the live stream of the National Pro-Life Summit. It will stream 9am – 5:30pm EST tomorrow (1/25/2020) at

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