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VICTORY! Legalized Infanticide Bill In Virginia Delayed Another Year

Brenna Lewis - 22 Jan 2020

When NARAL and Planned Parenthood-backed candidates ran for office, they ran on a platform of legalizing infanticide, one that was started by pro-infanticide Governor Ralph Northam and pro-infanticide Delegate Kathy Tran. Of course, the candidates called it “reproductive health” and “personal liberty”, not legalized infanticide.

Now, in a victory for pro-lifers, a Virginia Senate committee has delayed debate and a vote on the infanticide bill until 2021, likely because of public backlash against their insane idea.

SJ 2 would ensure that every Virginia woman could have an abortion up until the moment of birth, which is a dream piece of legislation for the infanticide wing of the Democratic Party. The language states that S.J. 2, “Amends the Constitution of Virginia by adding a section establishing the individual right to personal reproductive autonomy. The amendment prohibits the denial or infringement upon this right unless justified by a compelling interest of the Commonwealth and achieved by the least restrictive means.”

Recently, pro-life groups including Students for Life Action and Virginia Family Foundation held a pro-life lobby day in Richmond and spoke out against pro-abortion legislation like S.J. 2.

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Virginia Democrats have been racing to pass legalized infanticide every since January 2019. Then, Virginia House Delegate Kathy Tran failed and embarrassed the state of Virginia when she said that abortions should be allowed up until the moment of birth. Disgraced Virginia Governor Ralph Northam then went on the radio to say that he was okay with doctors and parents ‘having a discussion’ about what to do with an ‘unwanted’ baby that is alive and has been delivered.

You can watch those disturbing comments below:

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