United Kingdom ‘Guerrilla’ Newspaper Criticizes Pro-Life Student Group For Running Facebook Ads

Brenna Lewis - 21 Jan 2020

A pro-life group in the United Kingdom, Birmingham Students for Life is under criticism a student-run newspaper call “The Tab” for doing the unthinkable; running Facebook ads to promote an event on why assisted suicide should be opposed., which bills itself as, “a site covering youth culture and student culture” and is run by a “guerilla army of bold and subversive students reporters across the country”,  broke the biggest story in the United Kingdom; groups use Facebook to promote events. Breaking. Stunning. Brave. Bold.

The ‘subversive’ and ‘bold’ reporter writes, “Birmingham Students For Life have been paying to advertise their page and events on Facebook. The advert was spotted by a University of Cambridge student on Monday morning, and advertised the society’s upcoming event on Assisted Suicide.” Okay.

You can see the event here.

The website, which is ‘subversive’ and ‘bold’, quotes a pro-abortion student as saying, “I think the society choosing to force their views onto people by advertising on Facebook is inconsiderate. Seeing pro-life content on Facebook which is meant to be for me to use in a social way with my friends ruins my experience on it and is shocking.”

Umm. “Society” is not the same as Facebook. Do I like seeing the same ad for Dr. Pepper with salmon 500 times? No. But we all have burdens to bear.

Of course, what this student might want is one where abortion-funded scientists get to play king (or queen!) fact-checker and try to get pro-life websites banned.

But in reality, these students are doing the right thing by bringing a speaker on assisted suicide and why it must be opposed. After all, monarchy dies in darkness.

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