Students for Life Group Witnesses a Baby SAVED in Washington

Brenna Lewis - 17 Jan 2020

This year, Students for Life of America started our TALK program through which we challenge students to reach over 250,000 conversations about abortion in the 2019-2020 school year. That’s 1 million minutes of conversations, changing hearts and minds! There are so many conversations a person can have about abortion and these conversations can introduce opportunities to help women and save lives.  

Just recently, The Tri-Cities Washington Students for Life group accepted our TALK Challenge. While protesting in front of Planned Parenthood, they had a conversation with a couple intending to get an abortion. Seeing the students outside helped the couple realize that there is hope and they tearfully thanked this Students for Life group for being there. That baby is still alive because these students rose to the TALK challenge. This can happen to you, too! 

Here’s What the Group Recounted…

“One Monday, our Students for Life group here in Tri-Cities, Washington showed up at 3 pm for our usual weekly protest in front of Planned Parenthood. As we arrived, a man in a Pepsi shirt was leaving. This pro-life man had introduced himself to us before (we believe his name is Stan) and he comes and witnesses on the sidewalk on his own a lot. We noticed nothing different about his being there and started setting up our signs and getting into formation. We had our usual amount of people flipping us off, yelling at us, or revving their engines to show us their anger. But about halfway through the shift, a truck pulled up in front of us with a man sitting in the driver’s seat and a woman sitting next to him in the passenger seat.  

The man rolled down his window and thanked us over and over again, pouring out his heart in gratitude. He explained that he and his wife had prayed before coming for their appointment for an abortion for a sign from God that getting an abortion would not be right. When they had pulled up, they had seen our friend Stan sitting out there and had seen it as a sign from God that she should not have her abortion. Instead, they had gone into Hope Medical, a life-affirming organization providing different options 100 yards away from Planned Parenthood, and had there been counseled, encouraged, and offered the real help they needed. It was amazing to see the tearful couple thank us for standing out there, and it made us realize that what we were doing was really having an impact. God had finally shown us the fruit of our labors- even when we thought we weren’t making a difference; we were changing people’s lives for the better.  

To think that another human life would have been taken if no-one had been outside was a scary wake up call. We are so grateful to the man who takes his time to stand outside Planned Parenthood on his own, and we are so encouraged by this real-life baby save.” 

Join the TALK Program!

It is incredible that this groups effort to get outside and have conversations allowed them to see that their efforts are actually saving lives.  

By joining TALK, not only can you save lives, but as a reward to the most talkative groups, Students for Life of America will give you prizes! The schools with the most recorded conversations in each region will have the option to receive a contribution from SFLA towards a guest speaker at your school. We will announce another exciting prize at the National Pro-Life Summit. Stay tuned! Click HERE to join THE TALK CHALLENGE! 

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