100 Women Were Sent to Hospitals by Abortion Facilities in 2019

Brenna Lewis - 15 Jan 2020

Abortion is touted by pro-choice proponents as a “simple and safe procedure.” We obviously know this is as false as it’s possible to be in the case of the children who do not survive their visit to the abortion facility. But what about the mothers who felt that abortion was their only option?

As with any abortion statistic, one must lead with “at least.” For example, Planned Parenthood commits at least 347,000 abortions every year; there are virtually no abortion reporting laws, so we have to take them at their word. At least 100 women were transported to a hospital as a result of an abortion in 2019.

Watch the video below:

Repeat Offenders

If you watched the video in its entirety (which we hope you did), one thing  you’ll notice are the repeat offenders. There are abortion facilities in this country that habitually harm women, yet are allowed to continue, year after year, with no questions asked.

Take special note at 7:17. The 911 operator says, “They’re familiar with it,” when the abortion facility worker starts explaining the layout of the facility. Evidently, not their first visit.

Abortion facilities weasel their way out of regulation nationwide, allowing repeat offenders to operate freely. Check out to learn more about how facilities fail health inspections (for grisly & disgusting transgressions) yet still get a blessing from city councils and other officials.

Another useful resource is the Unsafe Report from Americans United for Life.

Perverted Priorities

Another trend you’ll notice across many of these 100 ambulance calls is abortion facility workers requesting that emergency personnel approach slowly and silently. Sirens off, following traffic laws. One in particular from the video noted that the ambulance that arrived at the facility was turned away.

Attempting to hide the botched abortions and save face is more important to abortion facilities than the safety of the women who need actual medical help. And quickly.

This habit has been well-documented recently at the St. Louis Planned Parenthood, which makes the same request of emergency personnel… during each of their 80 ambulance calls over the last 10 years.

Where is the Outrage?

Women have been made to feel like abortion is a good thing. Like it’s this amazing “exercising of a right.” It’s a nonsensical view that is WAY out of touch with the average American’s view of abortion, which is supportive of some level of restriction.

So when scared, desperate women enter these subpar abortion facilities, they settle for dangerous conditions. After all, “choice” is this awesome thing. And they’ll be drug over the coals by the abortion industry if they made a big stink about leaving by ambulance. Abortionists are bottom-of-the-barrel med school failures who couldn’t make it in the real medical industry (oh, and sometimes they’re collectors of the babies they kill).

Abortion betrays women, and whoever says otherwise isn’t paying attention.

Read the original post by Operation Rescue here.

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