3 Ways a Pro-Life Advocate Can Kick Off the New Year

Brenna Lewis - 03 Jan 2020

We are only three weeks away from the National National Pro-Life March AND the National Pro-Life Summit! You’d never know it by watching the mainstream media, but this journey to Washington, D.C. is an annual tradition for about a million pro-life Americans. This massive gathering braves the cold around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade to protest abortion’s legalization.

And this year, as Roe moves ever closer to the trashcan, this experience is going to be bigger than EVER before. There are three major things you’ll need to consider when planning your pilgrimage to Washington, D.C. this year.

#1: The National Pro-Life March

This year’s National Pro-Life March takes place on Friday, January 24th, 2020. There is a rally preceding the March that begins at 12:00PM, and the March starts around 1:00PM with an approximate end time of 4:00PM. This event is the largest human rights gathering in the world. And it is the perfect way to kick off your pro-life experience at our nation’s capital.

You could be a part of this:

You’ll definitely see us there – look for our huge black-and-white banners near the front of the March! And make sure to get an “I Am the Pro-Life Generation” sign from us. Members of our team will be distributing them all around the pre-March Rally site.

Check out a few other events surrounding the National Pro-Life March here

#2: The National Pro-Life Summit

Students for Life used to host our SFLA National Conference (for over a decade, actually). But at this dawn of a new decade where tons of exciting things are happening for LIFE, we have transformed this event. In the name of unity and teamwork between the pro-life movement, we have partnered with three other pro-life powerhouse organizations (Live Action, Alliance Defending Freedom, and Heritage Foundation) to bring you the National Pro-Life Summit – the biggest pro-life training event of its kind in the world.

Read more about the Summit Schedule here.

Read 7 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Summit here.

Read more about big name Summit speakers here.

Read more about the Summit partners who are co-hosting the event here.

#3: The BONUS Events

Not only are we inviting you to the biggest pro-life training event in the world. But there are extra opportunities surrounding the Summit, hosted by Students for Life, that YOU could attend!


Lunch at the Summit will be catered by Mariott. And for some, lunch will also consist of a special meeting!

Click each individual event to fill out the form or personally e-mail the SFLA Team Member in charge and reserve your seat.

  • The Leadership Lunches are for Presidents & Vice Presidents of Students for Life groups (high school and college). Groups are limited to 2 representatives.
  • The Ivy League Lunch is for pro-life leaders at Ivy League schools and will address the unique challenges and opportunities encountered there.


There are a few special meetups for attendees of certain circumstances.

  • The Bus Trip Attendee Gathering is for students who took advantage of our bus trips to get to the National Pro-Life March and National Pro-Life Summit that will have a special guest speaker!


Alliance Defending Freedom, the legal firm that frequently defends Students for Life leaders when their free speech rights are violated, is hosting a breakfast for students before the Summit begins. Space is limited, and the registration form will be posted very soon, so check back often!


The Heritage Foundation is hosting a pro-life job fair right at the Summit! For anyone who dreams of working full-time (or part-time) in the pro-life/conservative issue field… now is your chance. This job fair is from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Attendees can consult with career services professionals in the conservative movement to learn more about any of the following:

  • Job search fundamentals: personalized advice on resumes, cover letters, and job interview preparation.
  • Career planning: how to prepare and credential yourself for a variety of careers in the conservative movement.
  • Current career opportunities in the conservative movement.


Let’s be real: the National Pro-Life Summit is a huge event with 3,000 attendees and a lot of moving parts. Thankfully… there is an app! Make sure to download it before the Summit to make your experience go even smoother. On it, you can view the schedule, check out the exhibitors (booths), and so much more. And no worries – it’s free!

Get it on Apple. 

Get it on Android. 

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