2,556 Post-Abortive Women Tell The Supreme Court To Allow Pro-Life Law To Stand

Brenna Lewis - 02 Jan 2020

The abortion industry often claims they are the ones fighting for women’s health and supporting women. But a group of post-abortive women just annihilated that claim in an amicus brief to the Supreme Court, in support of Louisiana’s law which requires abortion facilities to meet the same basic health and safety standards as ambulatory surgical centers. The abortion industry opposes all forms of oversight, which has helped lead to atrocities like Kermit Gosnell’s facility and Ulrich Klopfer’s garages and facilities, all of which were overrun with bugs, rodents, mold, and haphazard recordkeeping, as well as aborted babies and baby body parts.

Written on behalf of 2,556 women harmed by abortion, it reads in part,  “Most of the Amici Women Injured by Abortion suffered grievous psychological injuries, but many suffered severe physical complications as well. All were exposed to the risk of serious physical injury, as well as serious psychological injuries, and thus have a profound interest in protecting other women from such injuries. All of the Amici Women have experienced abortion in actual practice, not just theory.”

The brief, written by our friends at the Justice Foundation, a pro-life legal group, continues, “Amici Women have experienced first-hand, some multiple times, the callous reality of the abortion industry. They and the vast majority of women who go to high volume abortion facilities are treated as a business asset or customer, not as a patient. Therefore, the word “patient” will not be used in this Brief because there is no real doctor/patient relationship in most abortion facilities, only the technical or legal fiction of a doctor/patient relationship. It is standard practice for a woman to not even see her doctor until she has paid her money and is prepped for the abortion.”

You can read the full amicus brief here.

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments in March over this case, it’s vital that pro-lifers educate themselves about this issue so we can effectively convince others of the importance of common-sense health and safety standards.

Online editor Brenna Lewis noted the problems pro-choicers are facing with defending their support for repealing health and safety standards; “Part of the problem here is a persistent tendency for abortion supporters to assume our intentions are hostile. There is no acknowledgment that pro-life people could possibly care about women; we couldn’t possibly support health and safety standards to ensure health and safety. We must only want this in order to make other people suffer. The complete lack of trying to “meet in the middle” and demonization of us is really ugly, and it makes the national dialogue much harder to navigate.”

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