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Field Program

The SFLA Field Program is what truly sets SFLA apart from all other pro-life organizations across America.  We believe that not only do we need to be engaging students where they are at but also that we need to track and measure our progress. This is why the Field Program consists of 10 full-time SFLA Regional Coordinators working in regions across the nation to start and to improve pro-life groups on college and high school campuses.

Training and Resources for College Students

Students for Life of America is the “one-stop shop” for any student pro-lifer. SFLA provides students, no matter what age, with the training and resources they need to be successful. One specific program SFLA offers to student groups is our Pregnant on Campus Initiative, which walks groups step-by-step in how to bring tangible support to pregnant and parenting students on campus.

SFLA National Conference

On January 20, 2018, SFLA’s Annual National Conference had 2,000 attendees – making the event the largest pro-life conference in the nation.  With over 40 different pro-life organizations participating and a myriad of pro-life professionals presenting on the current Life issues facing our nation, SFLA student leaders were both educated and inspired to return to their campuses and make a difference.

Med Students for Life

Med Students for Life (MedSFL), launched during the 2010-2011 school year, is the only national network of future medical professionals committed to improving quality health care by defending conscience rights and every human life. By the end of the 2013-2015 school year, Med Students for Life had groups at 50 of the 162 medical schools in the United States. With the lives of thousands of preborn children at stake, MedSFL hopes to continue to grow and expand in the coming year and directly counter the abortion industry’s grip on our nation’s med school campuses.

Law Students for Life

Even if your law school already has a religious group on campus, a Law Students for Life group can enhance your schools’ advancement of the pro-life cause through discussions concerning the right to life. Constructing a LawSFL organization that is distinct from religious groups can reach a more diverse range of students, and show that future and current legal professionals from diverse religious backgrounds can unite in productive dialogue about abortion and other legal issues.

New Media

SFLA works hard to meet students everywhere they are at, including online, with our SFLA Facebook PageSFLA Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube Channel. In addition to social networking sites, SFLA sends out weekly e-mail messages to students about upcoming national pro-life events as well as the many educational opportunities available to them.

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Special Projects

Students for Life of America is a grassroots organization in tune with what’s going on in our nation.  Because SFLA has a close connection with students, those most targeted by the abortion industry, we can respond at a moment’s notice as issues and stories develop across the country. Our special projects include The Planned Parenthood ProjectNational Pro-Life Chalk DayPregnant On Campus, We Care Tour and AbolishAbortion.com.

 Wilberforce Leadership Fellowship

This program is designed to teach leadership skills to those top student pro-life activists considering a full-time career in the pro-life movement.  through leadership books, bi-weekly webcasts with national pro-life leaders and businessmen, and a mentoring relationship with national conservative & pro-life leaders.

Thaddeus Stevens Leadership Fellowship

Like its college counterpart, the William Wilberforce Fellowship, the Stevens Fellowship has been developed to raise up the next generation of pro-life leaders. We want to help high school students become the best leaders and activists in their schools and, ultimately, in their communities!

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