Grassroots Mobilizations

With thousands of students and leaders all over the country, Students for Life can respond to situations on the ground at a moment’s notice, with the pro-life generation showing up in force to counter pro-abortion protesters and support pro-life initiatives. We have responded to everything from local Planned Parenthood fundraisers to drawn out legislative and PR battles. In summer 2017, we successfully waged a summer-long campaign with dozens of local students to stop the school board in Reading, PA from bringing the Planned Parenthood affiliate into the public high schools. SFLA is committed to being everywhere Cecile Richards and Planned Parenthood are, not letting them do anything in the community without the pro-life generation responding and representing the hundreds of thousands of babies aborted and women betrayed by Planned Parenthood every year.

When there is a story that needs to be told, the red-alert call goes out to our student groups, leaders, and specially trained rapid response volunteers in the area (sometimes from within just a few miles, sometimes from all over the country). We tell the story with our mobilization, forcing the press to cover it, and showing young pro-life people opposing the abortion industry and their agenda. We have dozens, sometimes hundreds, of young people out on campuses, in front of Planned Parenthood facilities, in state houses, and at the Supreme Court, organizing events almost every week.

It’s important to note that these local skirmishes are not only helpful in garnering media attention and honest debate, they’re also testing grounds for our grassroots army.

Once Roe v. Wade is wiped off the books, quick-snap mobilization campaigns like this will be absolutely critical as state legislatures begin to crack down and ban abortions.