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Stephanie Cabrera

Donor Meetings Scheduler
[email protected]

Stephanie Cabrera grew up in Kansas City, MO (go Chiefs!).

Stephanie started her adult working life in the Travel Industry for many years until becoming a mom to 5 children and making that her full time career!

She has been a pro-life advocate her entire life as she was born to a teen mom in the 60’s who ran away with her dad to get married to avoid the pressure from parents to have an abortion. Stephanie became staunchly pro-life as her family grew. A turning point in her pro-life advocacy happened when she attended the RECongress in Anaheim and heard a pro-life speaker who was the product of Rape speak on her story, and it just solidified her passion for this movement and ALL Life, no matter how one is conceived.

Stephanie serves the Pro-Life Generation as Students for Life’s Donor Meetings Scheduler. This work includes getting to know our wonderful donors on a more personal level and scheduling meetings for our Donor Team.

Stephanie currently lives in Washington State but will be transplanting to Florida within the next year!

Outside of work, she enjoys traveling with her husband, a retired Combat Medic, hiking and spending time with her 5 grown children and twin grandsons.

Stephanie can be contacted at [email protected].