A woman with brown hair wears a graduation gown and smiles at the camera.

Megan Roos

Central Campus Formation Coordinator
[email protected]

Megan Roos grew up in Waco, TX and graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor’s in Communication.

When Megan was 16, she saw an Instagram post that revealed how many thousands of lives abortion ends each day. Moved to action, she began with the first thing she knew to do–internet activism–and grew into sidewalk advocacy outside the nearest abortion facility.

Soon, Megan joined SFLA’s canvassing efforts in cities like San Antonio and Atlanta. She founded a Students for Life group at her community college and later went on to lead the pro-life group at Abilene Christian University. Megan improved and increased ACU for Life’s tabling program, which saw dozens of minds changed on campus. Megan and her friends counter-protested the pro-abortion Women’s March, supported the successful Sanctuary City for the Unborn initiative in Abilene, and volunteered at the local pro-life pregnancy resource center. Megan was an SFLA Christian Leadership Fellow for one year and a Texas Right to Life Dr. Joseph Graham Fellow for two.

Megan has spoken at the Texas Right to Life 50th Anniversary Life Gala to encourage fellow pro-life advocates in the impact of their work.

Megan currently resides in the Dallas metroplex and serves the Pro-Life Generation as Students for Life’s Central Campus Formation Coordinator. This work includes helping students in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming to start Students for Life groups on their campuses.

Megan can be contacted at [email protected].