Christyn Judy

Shipping & Warehouse Coordinator
[email protected]

Christyn Judy grew up in Orange, VA and is currently double-majoring in Worship Studies and Non-Profit Management, with a minor in Public Policy.

Christyn always understood that there was an existing battle for Life and knew about the concept of abortion, but she didn’t start getting involved in the movement until middle school when asked by a friend to help at a pregnancy center gala. Abby Johnson spoke at this gala and she knew she wanted to get involved more than she had been. Following that gala, Christyn was given a few more opportunities to get involved in pro-life work (without specifically looking), and has since found a deep passion for pro-life activism.

Christyn serves the Pro-Life Generation as Students for Life’s Shipping & Warehouse Coordinator. This work includes managing inventory and ensuring students and staff receive the materials they need to change hearts and minds about abortion.

Christyn can be reached at [email protected].