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Jeremy Jones

Dale Oster

Jeremy Jones grew up in central California and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps following high school which reinforced the life lessons of earning what you keep and reaping what you sow, but also protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Jeremy has a passion for service that began as a child volunteering through church to give back/pay it forward. …

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Shannon Steckman

Dale Oster

Shannon Steckman grew up in Fredericksburg, Virginia and graduated from Geneva College after studying Chemical Engineering. Previously, Shannon worked at an adoption services agency to aid in bringing families together. More recently, her pro-life values have brought her into the fight to end abortion through working for Students for Life, where she can combine her more technical skills with her …

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Shawna Weber

Dale Oster

Shawna Weber grew up in Wauconda, Illinois and studied business at College of Lake County. Shawna discovered the conservative and pro-life group on campus, and through fellow activists in college, she learned more about the pro-life movement and what abortion really is. Shawna began participating in Students for Life activities, attending a deployment and doing activism both on campus and …

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Paige Farquhar

Dale Oster

Paige Farquhar grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and graduated from Liberty University after studying Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Philosophy. She has had a passion for the pro-life cause since she was exposed to the atrocity of abortion as a child. She was given the chance to engage in activism as her school’s Political Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator as …

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Stephanie Cabrera

Dale Oster

Stephanie Cabrera grew up in Kansas City, MO (go Chiefs!). Stephanie started her adult working life in the Travel Industry for many years until becoming a mom to 5 children and making that her full time career! She has been a pro-life advocate her entire life as she was born to a teen mom in the 60’s who ran away …

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Connor Harbak

Dale Oster

Connor Harbak grew up in Gold Bar, Washington and graduated from the University of Nevadaafter studying History. Connor discovered the pro-life movement in 2017 as a freshman in college. A Students for Life chapter on campus discussed the pro-life position in a way he had not heard before. He was deeply inspired and now works toward furthering the pro-life movement. …

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Dale Oster

Autumn Doersching

Dale Oster grew up in Geronimo, Texas, and graduated from San Antonio College after studying computer science. Dale’s support for the pro-life movement is deeply personal and stems from a profound experience in his past. He was once led to believe that a partner had lost the couple’s child, possibly intentionally through abortion. This event left him devastated and forever …

Jessica Power

Autumn Doersching

Jessica Power grew up in Torrington, Connecticut, and graduated from the University of Connecticut after studying Human Development & Family Sciences and Public Policy. Jessica felt called to join the pro-life movement in high school after her best friend courageously chose life when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Jessica was the President of UConn Students for Life for three years …

Gabriel Penner

Autumn Doersching

Gabriel Penner grew up outside of San Luis Obispo, California and graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo after studying Business. Gabe grew up in a pro-life Catholic home and remembers having debates with his classmates about abortion. In high school, he was a member of the pro-life club and saw the movie Unplanned in theaters which made him unapologetically …

Christian Manuel

Dale Oster

Christian Manuel grew up in Los Angeles, California and graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles after studying communications. Christian first felt the conviction for pro-life activism while growing up around his cousins, some of whom were teen moms. As an activist, Christian wants to honor the sacrifices of the young and unplanned families he grew up around and …