Grads, What's Next?

Congratulations on your graduation! 

It’s a time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished during your time in school and see how your hard work has paid off. We want to congratulate you on all you’ve done, and most especially the work you’ve done for the pro-life movement! You’ve changed hearts and minds, recruited other students to the Pro-Life Generation, and helped support pregnant women on campus and in your community. 

 To celebrate all of your pro-life efforts this year, we would like to offer a free graduation cord to all of our graduating SFLA students.

If you were a leader OR a member of a Students for Life group- that means you! You can order your FREE purple grad cord by filling out the form below and wear it on your graduation day as a symbol of your involvement in the pro-life movement.  

We’re so proud of you and we can’t wait to see your graduation photos! Be sure to wear your new cords and tag @studentsforlife in your pics.

Please Note

  •  All graduation cords will be sent to the one address provided below.
  • We ask for Birth Year on our forms so that our contacts only receive information, opportunities, and invites that are most pertinent to their age group. 
  • By completing this form as a college or graduate student, you are automatically enrolling in the SFLA Alumni Association.
  • Each upcoming graduate qualifies for ONE free purple grad cord. If you are ordering for your group, a contact must be provided for each grad cord requested.