Abortion Is Not Right Tour Sources

Constitutional right: Dobbs v. Jackson reversed Roe v. Wade which sent the abortion issue back to the states for the first time in nearly 50 years. This decision found that there is no Constitutional right to abortion and that Roe was “egregiously wrong from the start.” The Supreme Court has been wrong in the past and has reversed previous decisions before. For example, the court reversed segregation laws, Japanese internment during WWII, slavery, and more!

Life is a right: 96% of biologists agree that human life begins at fertilization. With Roe¸ the Court stripped an entire group of unique, unrepeatable human beings of the basic right to life. This decision has led to the death of over 63 million preborn human beings and dozens of women. In addition, this decision has perpetuated injustices such as racism and eugenics.  

Abortion violates human rights: The preborn are members of the human family and for that reason alone they should be protected from the intentional ending of their lives. Throughout human history, there are countless examples of countries dehumanizing and destroying entire groups of human beings based on arbitrary differences like race, religion, ethnicity, gender, and more! With abortion, the preborn are subject to suction, starvation, dismemberment, and poison because of their level of development or dependency.  

Women have a right to support: Roe also ensured that women were forced to deal with reproduction alone and allowed men to cop out of the responsibility of parenthood. Women do not have a right to abortion; however, they do have a right to support. That is why Students for Life of America and the Pro-Life Movement have tirelessly worked to support women in need and create systems of support for families. Standing With You is Students for Life’s initiative to ensure that No Woman Stands Alone in a Post-Roe America.