Comprehensive Sex Education Sexualizes Children

Brenna Lewis

PARENTS MUST LISTEN! In one of Speak Out’s most shocking and jaw-dropping episodes yet, It Takes a Family founder Monica Cline exposes the disturbing reality of what children are learning behind closed doors during comprehensive sex education classes. Monica was a Planned Parenthood and LGBTQ trained comprehensive sex education instructor for 10 years before realizing she was actually grooming children …

Men Want Sex Without Consequences

Brenna Lewis

You do not need a uterus to know that killing an innocent human being is wrong. Abortion hurts women. And men who use abortion as a way to avoid responsibility are not fighting for “women’s rights.” They are fighting for their right to have sex without consequences. We need strong men who understand the responsibility that comes with sex and …

Kicked Out of a Sorority for Voting Pro-Life with Danielle D’Souza Gill

Brenna Lewis

Danielle D’Souza Gill sits down with Christine Yeargin to share her story of being canceled by her sorority, how abortion can be and is used as birth control, and her inspiration behind writing a pro-life book titled The Choice: The Abortion Divide in America. Connect with Danielle and get your copy of The Choice here: Subscribe to this channel. …

The Guardian is Lying to You

Brenna Lewis

You have to lie to yourself to remain pro-abortion. There is no justification for killing an innocent human being, and the pro-abortion side knows that. This is why they work overtime trying to convince people that a child in the womb is not a human. But we know that it is which means we must fight every day to call …

Surrogacy Makes Women Incubators

Brenna Lewis

The Handmaid’s Tale is often used as a bad example of what the world would look like if pro-lifers got what they want. In reality, the only plausible connection to the Handmaid’s Tale is celebrity surrogacy. The rich rent the wombs of the lower class. Subscribe to this channel. Follow me on: InstagramTwitterFacebook

We’re Living in a Post Roe America and Loving It

Brenna Lewis

Charlotte Pence Bond, Daily Wire contributor and daughter of Vice President of Mike Pence, sits down with Christine Yeargin to discuss giving her dad advice on how to address the nation regarding his pro-life stance, living in a Post-Roe America, and debunking pro-abortion narratives. Subscribe to this channel. Follow me on:InstagramTwitterFacebook

Planned Parenthood is Targeting Your Children with Abortion Cartoons

Brenna Lewis

The online sex ed course, Amaze, is using cartoons to spread abortion propaganda to children. And of course, it’s all backed by Planned Parenthood. If Planned Parenthood can desensitize children to sex and abortion, they create future clients. Parents need to be aware of the attack on their children. Subscribe to this channel. Follow me on: InstagramTwitterFacebook

The Truth About Birth Control

Caroline Wharton

Doctors hand out birth control like candy without thinking of the short and long-term side effects the pill has. There is so much to be said about birth control, but the bottom line is people should be informed about what they are putting in their bodies. Our bodies function the way they do for a reason! Pumping our bodies with …