Our Board

Sean O’Hare

Sean O’Hare serves as the Chairman of the Board for Students for Life of America. Mr. O’Hare is a gifted public speaker who focuses his talks primarily on the life issue, Christian apologetics, philanthropy, and even business. As the founder, COO, and president for multiple different businesses, he has found a way to blend his faith and entrepreneurial spirit.

Leonard Leo

Leonard Leo is Co-chairman of the SFLA Board and the Executive Vice President of the Federalist Society, one of America’s most influential legal organizations that seeks a realignment of our legal system with an originalist take on the Constitution. He has also served as a delegate to the U.N. Council on Human Rights, among many other accomplishments.

Ray Ruddy

Raymond Ruddy is a retired businessman and founder of the Gerard Health Foundation, named for the patron saint of pregnant women. He is a philanthropic donor to life-saving causes such as efforts to end AIDS/HIV, abstinence education, and pro-life efforts.

Danielle Huntley

Danielle Huntley, esq. works as an immigration attorney in New Hampshire. Her involvement with SFLA began as a student at Boston College. She witnessed the transformation of the organization from American Collegians for Life to Students for Life of America and served as SFLA’s first president.

Greg Mueller

Greg Mueller is a conservative strategist who has worked on three presidential campaigns. He is the president of Creative Response Concepts, a down-to-earth communications outfit for conservative causes such as the Christian Coalition and Human Events magazine.

Paul Horrocks

Paul Horrocks is the founder of Justice NYC, an organization that “equip[s] Christian men to protect women by working to end sexual narcissism.” He has been involved in similar causes in NYC for many years, including serving as a mentor in the Big Brothers program for eight years.

Richard Crum

Richard Crum is an experienced financial services executive. He is involved with numerous educational and religious non-profits. He and his family reside in Virginia.