The Abortion Industry Overview

Sometimes, people ask us why we focus our efforts so heavily on Planned Parenthood. The answer is simple: they are the nation’s biggest abortion vendor. They commit about 1/3 of American abortions every year, and they are an extremely wealthy and well-connected propaganda machine. That is the simple answer… which, incidentally, leaves out decades of scandal, investigation, and harm to women.

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While Planned Parenthood certainly has a monopoly on abortion, they aren’t the only guilty party. The rest of America’s abortions are committed by standalone facilities. Planned Parenthood is a massive, crafty organization that is also business-savvy. So they are apt to do what they can to keep their facilities under the radar to try to avoid scrutiny (generally, a losing battle since people who make careers out of aborting babies can’t be counted on to uphold safety standards, etc).

In other words, they’re good at hiding their misdeeds. But our nation’s standalone abortion facilities? They are in a league of their own for women killed, babies killed after birth, horrendous facility conditions, statutory rape cover-ups, and more.

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