Saves Lives

The fight is on to save The Hyde Amendment, a policy that protects the preborn.

What Is The Hyde Amendment?

The Hyde Amendment is a law that bans taxpayer funding of abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or when the mother’s life is in danger. 

Abortion is wrong, and so is federal funding for it.

Why Protecting This Policy Matters

The Hyde Amendment limits abortion funding. This mean that 1 in every 4 lives will be saved thanks to the Hyde Amendment. In the past this was a bipartisan issue, but now Democrats, who once were in favor of the Hyde Amendment, are now silent. They want to permanently use your money to fund abortions. That's why we're partnering with Democrats for Life to #SaveHyde!

What Would Happen If We Don’t Save Hyde?

  • Abortion will continue to oppress people of colour in America.
  • Instead of directing funds to support mothers with parental services and other resources, abortion will be presented as their one and only option.
  • The Hyde Amendment has saved the lives of 2.25 million children, (1 in every 150 Americans).

Imagine how many lives would be lost if we don’t #SaveHyde?

Act NOW & Save Lives

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The Hyde Amendment was enacted in 1976 to limit funding of abortion and, according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute, has prevented an estimated 2.4 million elective abortions since then!

This means that one in every four preborn lives will be saved thanks to the Hyde Amendment.

In the past, this legislative action was a bipartisan issue. But NOW, Democrats, who were once in favor of the Hyde Amendment, are working to eliminate it altogether and use federal taxpayer dollars to permanently fund abortions.

That's why Students for Life is partnering with Democrats for Life to host rallies urging our U.S. Congress, specifically Congressman Brendan Boyle (PA-02) and Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-13), to #SaveHyde!

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