What about Rape?

During the 2012 Presidential Election, those in favor of abortion often referred to rape as a reason why abortion should remain legal in all 9 months of pregnancy, for whatever reason. Most people, including many pro-life individuals, avoid the question of whether abortion is “ok” in the cases of rape. But it’s time for the pro-life movement to have an open, honest discussion about this the tragedy of rape and abortion.

In November of 2012, Students for Life of America co-hosted a panel discussion about rape and abortion. The event was co-hosted by the University of St. Thomas Celts for Life pro-life group and featured Ryan Bomberger of TooManyAborted.com and Dr. Donna Harrison of American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, aaplog.com

Ge ready to hear this issue be talked about in a way you have never before heard!