Engage in Politics



There are MANY different ways you can take action to protect the preborn. Students for Life, after years of working with students and learning what works and what doesn’t, has adopted what we call the 5 Pillars of Pro-Life Activism. These are the five primary ways we approach the fight to abolish abortion.


Public Policy is a pillar Students for Life of America engages in by organizing lobby days, going to the Supreme Court to support or oppose life-related cases, and much more. But it’s the mission of our sister organization, Students for Life Action, to directly engage in politics to save lives. Students for Life Action can help you get involved in the legislative and other political battles in your city in order to make legal change for Life.

The primary goal of Public Policy is to make sure Life is respected in law. And it’s important to know that you don’t have to identify as “politically-inclined” to engage in this Pillar. All pro-life activists can attend rallies, lobby days, and make calls to support pro-life bills. Talk to your SFLA Regional Coordinator ([yourstate]@studentsforlife.org) about how to successfully engage in Public Policy.

You can find our Public Policy event guides at SFLA HQ! These guides include complete instructions on how to plan...

  • Attending a Town Hall Meeting
  • Organizing a Lobby Day
  • Meeting with Local Lawmakers
  • Petition Tabling
  • Going Door Knocking
  • and many more!