Educate Your Campus & Community



There are MANY different ways you can take action to protect the preborn. Students for Life, after years of working with students and learning what works and what doesn’t, has adopted what we call the 5 Pillars of Pro-Life Activism. These are the five primary ways we approach the fight to abolish abortion.


Effective Education is the pillar Students for Life of America specializes in. It’s all about sharing what you know about abortion in a way that changes the hearts and minds of other students (or community members). This can be done using displays, speakers, tabling, flyering, and other outreach.

The primary goal of Effective Education is to change minds about abortion. As such, it’s a good idea to be well-versed in Pro-Life Apologetics and talk to your SFLA Regional Coordinator ([yourstate] about how to do successful outreach.

Explore the event ideas below to start educating your campus and community and start changing pro-choice minds about abortion.

You can find our Effective Education event guides at SFLA HQ! These guides include complete instructions on how to plan...

  • A Cemetery of the Innocents Display
  • Hosting a Pro-Life Speaker
  • Adoption Tabling
  • Flyer Campaigns
  • 5k Fundraisers
  • and many more!