Join a Students for Life Group


Want to be a part of The Pro-Life Generation, but not sure if your campus already has a Students for Life group? We can help! Fill out the form below and our team will help connect you with existing efforts at your school. 

Joining your school's Students for Life group will allow you to… 

  • Request Students for Life's free in-person trainings, 
  • Receive one-on-one mentorship from your local Regional Coordinator, 
  • Participate in national pro-life events, 
  • Join unique leadership development opportunities, 
  • Participate in group competitions and scholarships, 
  • Be in the know about community events, 
  • Volunteer at local pregnancy resource centers, 
  • Build a pro-life culture, 
  • Save lives, 
  • Serve local women, 
  • Change minds, 
  • And so much more!   

fill out the form to find out if your school has a students for life group & get connected!