Grow Your Med Group

Med School has started and the first of your many papers and tests are well under way. You are the President of your school’s pro-life Med club and you are not only feeling the pressure to make sure your grades stay awesome and that your social life doesn’t become non-existent, but also that the pro-life movement you are leading rocks. We want to help you.

As students we live busy lives, so we love things that are quick, easy, and effective. That is what you want to achieve when flyering your campus (please check with school administration on flyering protocol). It doesn’t have to take long and you can quickly cover a large amount of ground.

Flyering is an easy way for a lot of people to hear about your group and get them interested. This is a great way to get students’ attention days before a tabling or clip-boarding event. Consider it like the table of contents to a story, it’s telling them what’s to come. Then your clip-boarding event is like the prologue, and of course your meeting is when the story begins. Now, flyers don’t have to have all the information you want people to know on them, in fact the less they need to read the better. You want your flyers to be cool and eye catching, but also containing a call to action. Be sure to include the necessary information, i.e. “You are wanted!! Come by Cougar Plaza on September 8th at 6pm to learn more about Azusa Pacific Med Students for Life.” Pair this short sentence with a cool picture and you are set.

When flyering your campus, placement will be vital. Of course you know your school best, so place the flyers where you know people will see them. Here are some popular places:

  •  Library (Not just at the front door with all the other flyers, but in every room, floor, and cubicle.)
  • Cafeteria
  • Student Union
  • Classrooms (On the back of lecture chairs, on desks, and on every door)
  • Coffee shops
  • Mailboxes (Ask university if you could send a half sheet invite to every student through the mail box)

Flyering can be done very quickly if the whole group gets together and takes a different section of the campus. Cover the campus completely. Make sure you have tape and plenty of flyers. In the morning before most students are around campus is a great time to flyer. Get your coffee and get going!! Now, don’t be discouraged if your flyers get taken down, this will happen. You get to rally together again and re-flyer the next week. Be sure to make it fun, exciting, and, hey, maybe even adding in some friendly competition (i.e. flyering race) within the group could be good. Free food always helps as well!

Other tips:

  • You and your group members can talk to or email your friends and other students about the group and what you do and plan on doing.
  • Keep contact names, emails, and phone numbers. Keep the members posted on upcoming events and meetings.
  • Talk to other campus organizations, such as Catholic Medical Association or Christian Medical and Dental Association, that may share similar convictions as you, and see if their members would like to join the Medical Students for Life group, or begin Bioethics Committees within their existing groups supported by Medical Students for Life of America.