Does your group have a hard time being recognized on your campus? Do you often hear, “I had no idea that your group existed!”?

If so, the answer to your neglect can be found in flyering!

When your group posts flyers around your school and campus, you’re creating a visual platform for others to learn more about your group, activities that your group holds, and general information about abortion and the pro-life movement.

SFLA Resources to Request from your Regional Coordinator:

  • Various flyers


  1. Choose a topic and design for your flyer.
    • Topics include: Upcoming Events, Group Recruitment, Fetal Development, Adoption, Post Abortive Resources, Title IX Rights, Local and National Pregnancy Support, etc.
  2. Get your flyer approved.
    • If required by your school, submit your flyer to your administration and ask for permission to post it around campus.
  3. Print and post your flyers!
    • Print enough flyers to cover all the hot spots at your school. Post your flyers in high-traffic areas, too!
      • Pro-Hack #1: Ask around for people who can print your flyers for free! Sometimes faculty advisers or resident advisers can print things for free, so network with them to potentially save money.
      • Pro-Hack #2: Post flyers in bathrooms! Everybody uses the bathroom and will have to see your flyers.
  1. Plan your next flyering session!
    • When it comes to creating group recognition on your campus, consistency is key! Keep flyering regularly such as once a month.

Feel free to use computer programs such as Microsoft Publisher to make your own flyers! Post pictures of your homemade flyers on social media so that everyone can see your awesome work!


Questions? Contact your Regional Coordinator for more information.