Pro-Life Men Start Twitter Campaign to Combat Pro-Abortion Men

On Wednesday, September 27, pro-abortion men started tweeting #menforchoice, to show their support for abortion.

But pro-life men and women were not going to let that happen without a fight.

Here are some of our favorite #menforlife tweets:



























Don’t Mess with Texas Pro-lifers

Tuesday’s late night filibuster and temporary killing of Texas Senate Bill 5 was an epic moment in Texas abortion history.  The pro-life bill would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks – when babies feel pain – and force abortion facilities to hold to the same medical standards as other medical providers – preventing future Gosnell-type situations. But more than 1,000 pro-abortion supporters were bused to the Texas State House by the taxpayer-funded organization Planned Parenthood to create a ruckus and sow confusion.

Despite having the votes of tireless pro-lifer supporters in the Senate, the final vote on the bill was tragically delayed because of a 12+ hour filibuster by pro-abortion State Senator Wendy Davis and shouting and other diversionary tactics of the pro-abortion crowd. This pushed the final vote past the midnight deadline, to 12:03am, three minutes too late to save lives.

All of Twitter was engaged, with users watching a live stream of the proceedings on the floor of the Texas Senate and making the hashtags #SB5 and #StandwithWendy trend. President Barack Obama even weighed in during the evening filibuster tweeting, “Something special is happening in Austin tonight #StandwithWendy.”

Despite not having enough votes to block the bill, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards led the charge, asking abortion supporters to shout and make noise to prevent the vote from happening, at one point even tweeting:


Now, I’m obviously extremely disappointed with Tuesday night’s results and grateful that Texas Governor Rick Perry has called a 2nd special session to start this Monday, July 1st, to finally get the bill passed.

However, it leads me to an important question: Why don’t we see these tactics employed by our side of the issue?

Why don’t pro-lifers bus in by the hundreds when state legislatures are debating crucial bills that will save lives? Where are our courageous modern Thaddeus Stevens’ in the state houses who will filibuster and do all that they can to make sure the rights of the pre-born and their moms are protected? The majority of Americans are with us on the issues – yet we can’t dedicate a day of our lives to standing up for what’s right?

I know those folks are out there, but I think our biggest challenge is that they aren’t plugged into the pro-life community and asked by their local pro-life organizations to engage. And honestly, that’s what Students for Life is attempting to change, with over 750 active groups nationwide.

Now, I’m not saying that these kinds of courageous, outspoken pro-life folks don’t exist – they certainly do in Texas and the next special session is the perfect time for them to stand up and say, “Don’t mess with Texas babies!” We definitely will not resort to the violence the other side employs or the demonic chanting and hysterics, but we can engage and shouldn’t be afraid to. After all, think about what we are fighting for.

Abortion is a matter of life and death. Let’s start acting like it.

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